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Silver Jewelry has always been used to adorn and beautify the human body. But jewelry was also used in ancient times to signify status, wealth, marital status or a status of membership to a certain clan or religion. Rajasthan Tribal Silver Jewelry has been there for centuries i.e. Banjaras of Rajasthan.

The legend of “Dhola Maru” is an Antique type Silver Tribal Jewellery from Tanishi Jewels.

Our Collection Includes: - 92.5 Sterling Silver Jewellery, Articles, Semi Precious and Precious Jewelry, Silver with Studded Jewellery and Oxidised Jewlery is known for its premium Quality and unique design. It has designs which are very much in has now become the new love of young women as they are affordable and can go with almost every kind of outfit. These pieces are masterpieces of design and experimental in nature, breaking away from the normal. They are sure bound to have onlookers awe struck.


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