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Refined and regal gems add positivity to your life!

Navratna Jewelry, nine precious stones are used in a single ornament. The belief behind this is that the nine stones together ensure well being of the person who wears it. In India, Navratna jewelry has been given major importance, because of its astrological significance as well as its innate charm. The nine stones used in the jewelry are ruby, emerald, diamond, coral, pearl, sapphire, garnet, topaz, and cat's eye. As it is believed in astrology, each planet watches over one of the nine gems and offer power. Navratna Jewelry retains a special place in the hearts of Marwari’s.

Artistic assimilations after the Mughal invasion of India in the 16th century, Navratna perhaps stands out as an especially timeless example. During that era, Rajasthan gained Mughal attention for its wealth and beauty. Just like Mughal princes who united with Rajasthani princesses in marriage, it’s a Mughal style of Jewellery settings like Meenakari, Jadau and Kundan too merged with the Indian idea of Navratna.

Birthstones have been around since ancient times, and in those days were believed to possess some magical force that could protect the owner or wearer of the stone. However, modern birthstones are linked to calendar months, and each month has its own unique birthstone, with its own fabulous properties. Many people love to wear Jewellery set with their birthstone, as the ancient meanings and associations with these stones still intrigue them.
These days you can get many types of Jewellery containing birthstones, such as birthstone rings, a birthstone pendant and birthstone earrings. Giving someone an item of Jewellery set with their birthstone is a touching and wonderful gift, and whether you give them a birthstone ring, a birthstone pendant or a birthstone brooch, it is something that they are likely to treasure forever because it has real meaning and significance. At Tanishi Jewels we have a fabulous range of birthstones available which we can set in your choice of Jewellery.

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