General Care:

We encourage you to have your items checked by us or a local jeweler every 6 months to make sure all gemstones are tight and that the piece is in good condition to wear. It is not uncommon for gemstones to become loose overtime and it is best to fix when they are loose instead of replacing a lost stone.


Your jewelry will always look its best if it is clean, the diamonds and gemstones will sparkle like new. Most pieces can be cleaned with warm soapy water and an old soft toothbrush, but please contact us if you have any questions or concerns as some older pieces should never be submerged in water. You are always welcome to stop in and have your rings cleaned at any time.


Rings require special care as they are especially prone to wear. Please do not wear rings to the gym, while doing housework, gardening, rock climbing or during any activity you feel may cause damage to your ring! If you wear a chain you can string your ring on it while at the gym or doing a rough activity. If you take your rings off at night you will double the lifetime of your ring!


The following list of unusual materials found in antique jewelry is by no means complete and all need special care. Lockets, foilbacked stones, closed backed stones, organic material (wood, ivory, hair, tortoise), turquoise, coral, shell (cameos), mosaics, horn, bone, pearls, wings of insects (butterfly), feathers, fabric, iron, steel, jet, vulcanite, and bog oak. Feel free to call if you need advice on cleaning any of these unusual materials


Special care must be taken with some gemstones. Our website link to gemstone information including their care is: Introduction To Gemstones The care instructions are at the bottom of each gemstone section.